Each VIP has different things you can do. To buy a pass or ticket go to the Host or the Manger to get one. Make sure you book a time and date in our discord if you wish to get a VIP pass or ticket.

Also, make sure to give us a 24-hour notice if you're going to cancel on us we won't like it if you cancel last minute.
When you pick a time and date for the passes please give us a two-day notice so we can get things ready for you.

With the Yin & Yang booking give us a week's notice so the ladies can get a performance-ready.

One Gordon Ramsay insult ticket: 40k
This ticket allows 3 full insults from Gordon Ramsay himself

VIP Booth: 150k a person
This allows you to sit in the VIP booth that's right in the kitchen where you can see the staff work and Gordon yell at them.

Party Pass: 5mil
This allows you to rent out the whole restaurant for two hours. Everything on the menu is free and you get a free show by the one and only Yin & Yang.

VIP Louge Pass: 3mil
This allows you to rent out the private lounge room for you and your friends. You may pick any server you wish to serve you in the lounge. This pass is a 1 time use only.

Yin & Yang Booking Ticket:
200k Each for normal bookings.

300k if you want to dress them up. And Book a show

600k if you want to dress them up, pick your own song and want to hang out with them, and even get free autographs.